Despite a focus on impeachment hearings in Washington D.C., there are some indications legislation for rural America is moving forward.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is optimistic about passage of the USMCA even as labor rules, one of the sticking points, are hammered out. And the White House continues to promise a deal with China is imminent as we head into the weekend.

Closer to home, farmers are still dealing with bad weather as wet ground and wet crops plague producers.

Peter Tubbs reports. 

Winter weather brought an already slow harvest to a halt in many parts of the Midwest this week.
Record cold temperatures and snow swept from the Rockies to the East Coast, delaying traffic, flights, and combines. Nearly 30 percent of the country had snow on the ground, while over 300 low temperature records fell nationally.
The snow and cold continues to compound harvest delays across the Corn Belt. While 85 percent of the nation’s soybeans have been harvested, those that remain in the field now share the ground with snow. 
The corn harvest lags behind the five year average as well. Most states are 20 percentage points behind the average, but Wisconsin is more than 50 percent behind, with only 25 percent of its corn crop in the bin. 
A milder weather pattern is forecast for next week, which may help farmers move forward with a harvest that has been more challenging than expected. 
For Market to Market, I’m Peter Tubbs.