How To Use IPTV Reseller Panel

How to Use IPTV Reseller Panel

As a Reseller, you need to create an account for customers, this is a tool to assist you to do that, you need to learn how to use them well, of course, this great tutorial can only be sourced from Mymaiptv

Now you start to create a subscription and manage unlimited customers with your very own automated system. Take advantage of our packages below for you to start reselling our IPTV portal to your clients where you can start managing your own sales and members at ease and a very simple user interface YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL!

What can you do with IPTV Panel?

With IPTV panel you can start to create a trial account for your client. Also, you can disable/enabling a user, kick a user, add MAG devices, manage MAG devices, and monitor them, as well as extend the line for your client. If you want you absolutely can create an account for yourself.

What you need:

  1. A reseller account from MYMA IPTV
  2. 10 minutes read this post and find out how it works.

Get started with MYMA IPTV Panel

– Open MymaIPTV panel:

  1. Go to the panel (Link sent via email) from any web browser.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Tick in the square “I’m not a robot” and click the Login button

Now you can see your MYMA IPTV panel. This is the main page. Check your credit on the top lift of the panel.
Dashboard section: This section shows how many clients are online at the moment. It shows all devices connected to servers include: Streaming Lines with M3u list, Mags, and E2 devices. Also all the info about the server and news.
Open connections: You can check the connections of your client to your server in this section. With MymaIPTV reseller, we allow only one connection at the same time that means you will see the number of Online users equal to Open connections.
For example, if you have 5 online users so the number of open connections should be 5 too. If you see it shows more than 5 on the open connections, it means one of your client use more than one device at the same time. The problem is we allow limit only one connection at the same time if your client use more than one device there is nothing working so please remind your client to use one device at the same time, multiple IP is ok.
Total Average output monitors the average amount of server bandwidth in Megabits which is being used by your clients.
Active Subscriptions show the number of accounts active on your panel not include the banned accounts and expired accounts and blocked accounts.

– Create your first Subscription

Create a subscription account for your client

  1. Login to your Panel
  2.  In the left menu, click on Create New Line will open (1)
  3. Select “NO” in Smart TV (you can upload the list into the smart tv manually on the website of the app that your client use for smart TV ONLY). (2)
  4. Create a Note of that line (Optional) (3)
  5. On Packages section choose the period that you want to assign for this subscription (4)
  6. in Bouquets LIVE Section (5) and (6) your customize the package that you want to assign to this subscription and you can make it full list.
  7. in Adult (7) Section choose yes or not for adult channels
  8. Click on Submit  (8)

Note: username and pass are random chars you will have the possibility to modify them if need it we always suggest to have a username and pass without the letter “I”. In the “Notes” (3) section you can enter your client name, your client device, or something you think is needed.

Download M3u file for your client

  1. In the left menu click on “Streaming Lines” (1) then “Manage Lines” (2) then choose the line for the subscription
  2. Click on “Action” (3) Button then Download.
  3. In “Choose your device:” (4) select “M3u with Options
  4. You can copy that link (m3u) (5) and send it to your client.

Note: Also you can download the script for putty fir enigma

Add MAC address for URL portal:

If your customer uses an MAG device or uses STB you must ask them for MAC address and if he uses a Formuler then you need to ask for ID and add it to your panel in the MAG Devices section.

  1. In the left menu click on. “MAG Devices” (1) then “Create New MAG” (2)will open
  2. Enter your client’s MAC address. (3)
    You should ask your client for the mac address:
    With Mag box: If your client uses mag device, mac address will be founded when your client turns the box back
    With STB app: Go to the Common setting => STB configuration =>Mac address
    With smart STB app please ask your client for virtual mac address
  3. Create a Note of that line (Optional) (4)
  4. On Packages section choose the period that you want to assign for this subscription (5)
  5. in Bouquets LIVE Section (7) and (6) your customize the package that you want to assign to this subscription and you can make it full list.
  6. in Adult (8) Section choose yes or not for adult channels
  7. Click on Submit  (9)

Now you can see status “Device added” on your panel

Note: If you add your client MAC address and receive status: ” This MAC Address already exists as a device.” It means this MAC already exists on our server. Please open a ticket on your panel to delete this MAC address for you if that MAC address was expired on our server.

If your client uses MAG device or STB you just need to add MAC address and send them URL Portal 

– Manage your customer

We will show you what can you do with your client account:

  1. You can Enable/ Disable your client account. If you click on “disable” your client can’t use the account you send for them.
  2.  You can add a note to your line subscription.
  3.  Deleted your client line. Be careful with this function, when you delete your client line, you can not take it back and you will lose credit.
  4. You can extend the subscription of your client with the same line if it’s expired

– How to extend MYMA IPTV Line

If the line of your client has been expired you can easily extend it with the same info that you send the first time to your client. But please make sure you have credit on your Reseller account. You can buy with Paypal, Credit card or Bitcoin. To buy credit please login on as a reseller and choose to buy credit option on the main menu.