Interactivity distinguishes IPTV from cable, satellite, analog and other types of television. In real time, you can manage the services used in it, you can also take part in polls, turn on karaoke and even surf social networks.

The availability of a detailed TV program and accompanying information for each TV show or movie is definitely a pro for IPTVs. A practical advantage is that antennas are not required; all you need is a box, you can get familiar with all the benefits at With IPTV, you can choose any legal Pay TV subscription you like. You can record programs or rewind the broadcast without worrying about being late for the start of a movie, TV show, etc. When watching, you can use the pause function.

Digital Cable (DVB-C) TV

It’s a more modern format it’s necessary to bring a coaxial cable to the TV when connecting it. The pros are:

  • numerous channels, the ability to connect additional packages;
  • the ability to use it along with analog TV;
  • excellent digital image quality;
  • no antennas needed.

DVB-C technology has been criticized for the following cons:

  • in most cases, additional equipment is required;
  • if there are several TVs, equipment is required for each of them;
  • lack of interactivity.


To connect, you must have a network cable, a router and a set-top box. Main pros:

  • perfect HD image;
  • technology interactivity (you can watch videos, exchange rates, and weather);
  • maximum available channels.

There are certain cons:

  • if the Internet doesn’t work, the television doesn’t work also;
  • if the TV has only a composite input, you will have to buy expensive equipment for receiving and processing the signal.

The service part allows you arranging TV channels and programs on topics so that navigation becomes more convenient and takes less time.

How to Choose a Box

The most common boxes are Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S and Infomir’s MAG425A. Their differences are:

  • It’s possible to connect a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse/controller for games when using Mi Box S, while MAG425A supports all possible devices, Bluetooth headphones.
  • Mi Box S is distinguished by an inconvenient and complicated setup, while the MAG425A first connects the remote control, sets the trimming, then goes the standard Google setup wizard.
  • There is no built-in file manager for working with external media in the Xiaomi Mi Box, while the MAGic Files application is preinstalled by Infomir.

Choosing between digital and interactive TV, pay attention to the necessary functionality — the broadcasting quality and the range of TV channels. If you want to be able to record and rewind movies and TV series — interactive TV will be a catch for you. A digital TV is suitable for those who want to continue using the usual TV remote control but still have many channels.