TV RemoteThis week the war on IPTV heated up as police in Spain raided an IPTV operation and here in the states, the FBI raided the owner of the IPTV service Gears Reloaded. Now DISH has sued six more IPTV services running with multiple domain names along with 15 John Doe defendants according to a TorrentFreak report.

The IPTV services targeted include FreeTVAll, LiveTVCafe, Time4TV, Cricket-TV, TV4embed, and A1LiveTV.

According to DISH, they have sent 49 notices of infringement demanding that these organizations cease their activities, but the IPTV services have continued to operate. DISH is claiming that these services used DISH’s signals or streamed content in the United States that DISH owned exclusive rights to.

DISH is asking for damages of up to $150,000 for each of the 112 registered works along with attorneys’ fees. DISH also asked the court to seize all the domain names.

It seems DISH is ramping up its lawsuits, and its lawyers have created a template that has worked so far as DISH has recently won several major lawsuits against IPTV services.

DISH is not slowing down its attack on IPTV services. DISH recently won the rights to subpoena PayPal, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others forcing them to hand over information to help identify the owners of the IPTV service Easybox. With successes like that, DISH seems to be ramping up its push to crack down on IPTV services.

More recently, DISH has started to send out new warning letters to IPTV service subscribers demanding payment, or they threaten a possible lawsuit. With DISH being so aggressive, this is likely just the start of DISH’s efforts to target IPTV subscribers and providers.

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